Szanto ICON Signature Series

ICON: A famous person considered to embody a set of beliefs or way of life; one that is worthy of veneration; a person or thing that is revered or idolized; a person regarded as a sex symbol or as a symbol of the latest fashion trends.

The Szanto brand is evolving. Welcome to Szanto ICONs, collections of watches tied to famous individuals who have made their mark in a variety of fields. Our ICONs are masters at their respective crafts, and share a passion for quality timepieces. Szanto will begin with six ICONs, and continue to add more over time as the brand grows and expands.

Each ICON worked closely with our team of experts to define, design and craft their specific vision of "their" timepiece, so that each felt their watch connected to them. Our ICONs are involved in every step of the design process in order to create ‘their’ unique watch. They collaborated with our experts to craft a timepiece that is elegant, original, and embodies the Szanto commitment to excellence. The end result is a watch that reflects the true tastes of each ICON, a singular design and style that perfectly represents each individual ICON. Some of our ICONs are designers themselves - in such cases they designed their watch and we offered guidance on their design to ensure it is salable and well conceived to be manufactured effectively.

At the heart of every ICON watch is the person (the ICON) who inspired them. Their ideas and sensibilities inform each step of the creative process. The final product is a watch that is superbly designed and fully conceived for ease of manufacturing and reliability.

ICON watches reflect the tastes of the people who inspired them, and the superior craftsmanship and reliability that Szanto prides itself on.

So go ahead...Dare to be ICONic!



Introducing the newest of the Szanto ICON Signature Series


Inspired by and designed with

ROLAND SANDS, Motorcycle Racing ICON 




Inspired by and designed with

SHANE DORIAN, Big Wave Surfing ICON 



The first of the Szanto ICON Signature Series

inspired by and designed with


Danny Sullivan, Racing ICON